2 cakes for kak nae..thanks

~ ~

my moist choc cake with choc ganache~

closed up~fondant flower...

another angle..

moist choc with choc ganache and decoration~

my buttercream vanilla cake~

from another angle...

i thought this cake for women..but its for kak nae hubby~meriah dengan bunga2..hehe

this two cake as i mention..ordered from kak nae..actually i'm not very confident in making cakes..unlike cupcakes..cupcakes is small and easy to handle..but cakes is bigger and need more effort to decorate it..but the odered from kak nae..telah mengubah pandangan saya in cake decoration...its interesting and enjoyable as well..so this two cake..was the result of my decoration..i know i'm still lacking..i will improve it in future...


MoiSt CHOCOLATE CAKE with Choc Ganache and decoration:~

RM 50 each

vanilla butter cake with buttercream frosting and decoration:~

RM 45 each~


~ ~

sumone asked me about muffin..forgot to mention..i also buat muffin..but gambar ni jer yang ada..this is my butter muffin..or vanilla muffin..ordered by my neighbor for her niece wedding give away..

the price as bellow..
plain vanilla muffin: RM 22 for 25 pieces
moist choc muffin: RM 28 for 25 pieces
choc rice/choc chip muffin: RM 25 for 25 pieces
mix fruit/raisin muffin: RM 25 for 25 pieces

size: medium paper cup

maroon cupcakes theme for nisa's weding~

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maroon cupcakes..banyak lagi gambar2 nak upload...masa kesuntukan...sorry ..i will upload another order soon....thanks for u're suppport

decoration for maroon theme...

another look~sorry for cracking part...

actually..nisa's theme are base on maroon and gold colour..but when i mix the colour for gold..its turn to peach..dah 2 3 kali adjust..still fail to get the gold one...hehehe

another maroon theme..

maroon theme..for nisa weeding..congrats...tatau la meet her expectation or not..if terkurang sila la bagi teguran..saya budak baru belajar...

hantaran cupackes..ready for delivery..

cupcake for frenz!!

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i made this cupcakes special for my frenz birthday..moreover it's my first attempt to make miniature for my cupcakes...and its also my first percubaan to decorate cupcakes dengan royal icing...the result not bad either...i need to belajar lebih dalam lagi mengenai royal icing...also need to improve in making miniature..mata patung tu sgt comot...hehehe...saya patut guna fondant instead of colouring...

set birthday di jual dgn harga RM 38 for 18 big size cupcakes..frosting either royal icing or buttercream...

boleh juga order secara berasingan..tapi tempahan hendaklah lebih dari 25 biji...size or type boleh pilih sendiri....tgk information price kat tepi tu ye...